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Doing Business in Nusantara - a cultural strategy workshop for business planners who are responsible for capturing markets in South East Asia. Email 

Buy latest PSLE Malay and Malay Assessment Books - Score in PSLE and other Malay exams. Comprehensive Assessment and Conversational Malay Guides Books for Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels. All written by MOE and qualified Spore teachers. Email  
Tourist Guide Malay Competency Exam 2011 Get more business and jobs from Malaysian and Indonesian tourists & Malaysian tourism projects by taking Malay Language competency course with us. Brush your Malay language skills for use in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Register early. Suitable for tour guide companies, tourism schools, travel agents and hospitality establishments.  Email 
  Learn Malay, the  regional  language 

Masa itu emas. Hargailah ia!

Conversational Malay is a Singapore-based education company  offering  Malay  tuition, enrichment and language training for students 
& adults at all levels.          Malay Version of Website  
We are a leading company dedicated to Malay language education and training.
Our experienced trainers provide Malay language, literature & cultural courses for all.
     Current Courses for 2011 below 

If you are learning Malay for the first time, click the first option!  Malay for Everyone
1) POPULAR! Malay for Everyone - an intensive language course to help you master Bahasa Melayu for work, friendship, or entrepreneurship. Need certification? We can help!
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The course fee is $395 if you register now.  Registration fee is $50. Full fees to be     paid before class begins. Details click     

2) NEW! - Score in  Peribahasa  in PSLE Malay This workshop helps you score the proverb section of PSLE. Email us for complete workshop details and free peribahasa list with both English and Malay meanings.  Email us for workshop details 
3) NEW!  Score A* in PSLE Malay  - This workshop is conducted by experienced ML2 PSLE teachers with the secrets and know-how to help students strategically score A* in PSLE Malay.  Email us for sharing session details 
4) NEW!   Score 'O' level Malay Literature!   This unique workshop is conducted by Singapore Literature Prize Winner 2010.  Email us for workshop details 
5) NEW!  Get 7 'A's in GCE O level!   - This sharing session by top Malay students will enlighten participants  on effective study methods and secrets of their success.  Email us for workshop details 
6) NEW!  How to be a rich gentleman! Interesting workshop by a Personal Development Coach and top Business Advisor on becoming a financially-astute & leadership-savvy gentleman using successful role models from Malay and Islamic history.  Email us for workshop details 

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 Job Opportunity
Are you an Obama-type speaker? Are you pasionate with issues in South East Asia? Are you a futurist who can spot important business trends in this region? 

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  at Wisma Indah, 
New Upp Changi Rd
near Kembangan MRT  
Start: 12/4/2011
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