Welcome to our Kindergarten website!   Here, you will have direct access to a number of things pertaining directly to our class.   Assuming you're a parent, I want you to be a part of your child’s kindergarten  experience.  I welcome any ideas, thoughts, or concerns.  We are truly a team and need each other to make this work.  I feel there are 3 major components to a successful school year.  Teacher, parent and child.  The latter being the most important.   I am constantly aware, we are building children as a whole in regards to life in general.  Everything is a learning experience. We learn just as much on the playground, lunchroom, bus, and through each other as we do through textbooks, homework, and assignments.  It all goes hand and hand.

Let’s do this!!!! 

On this site, you will find links to homework, a few class policies, the lunch program, a few interesting websites we utilize in class and most importantly our class blog.