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5th Grade                             6th Grade                       7th Grade                                   8th Grade
First Aid Facts                       Allergies/Asthma           Body Systems                           Body Systems
Central Nervous System        Nutrition                        Social/Emotional Health           Nutrition
Nutrition                               What is Stress?               Disease/Illness Prevention       The Cycle of Life
Love Your Lungs                   Growing Up                    Reproductive System               Social/Emotional Health
Those Crazy Emotions          Addictions                      Safety/Injury Prevention          Disease/Illness Prevention
Puberty Education                 HIV/AIDS                        Substance Abuse Prevention   Safety/Injury Prevention
Drug Prevention                    Environmental Health     Consumer Health                   Substance Abuse Prevention
Blood and HIV                       Safety/Injury Prevention   Nutrition                                Community Health
Bones and Muscles

The SMS Health Program uses The Great Body Shop curriculum.
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