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December 18, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Just a friendly reminder that our theater trip is tomorrow.  Students should dress up if possible.  No jeans or T-shirts with writing if possible.  Students should bring a lunch unless they have previously told their advisor and booked a lunch with the cafe.

We are still missing some permission slips.  It is imperative that we get them today or those students will not be able to attend.

Please be aware that students should be at 50% of their reading goals by 12/22/17.  Please also note that this is the first day of the Holiday break.

All 8th grade students are required to do 20 hours of community service hours.  Please know the community service or service learning paperwork can be found on the SMS website.  Students who have completed community service over the summer should print and complete the paperwork and submit to their advisor when convenient.  Advisors will keep track of all paperwork for their advisees.  

Please remind your child that the kind of work they do this year in eighth grade will reflect on the choices they get to make for their freshman year at ConVal.  The high school guidance counselors will be visiting eighth grade students on Tuesday, February 13  to explain the registration process for the high school.  Counselors will meet with each advisory and go over course selection and requirements.  At that point the advisors will complete a course registration form with each child.  It will then be sent home for parents and guardians to review and sign.  Students will then receive a "draft schedule" in early spring and a final schedule at the end of the year or early summer.  

As you know, the parent portal is up and running.  If you have not already done so, please create your account so you can stay appraised of your child's grades.  Thank you!

Please remind your child to check in with teachers when missing a class due to EHP or band lessons.

Here is the Sage Team policy regarding homework and classwork. These will be posted in each classroom as well. If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Some important dates to include on your calendar are:  

12/19-Chamber Theater field trip (permission slips went out the week of Halloween)
12/21 Winter wollies (aka warm fleece day)
12/22-1/1/18-Holiday Recess
1/5/18 - Progress reports

Quarter 2 AR schedule will be posted soon. Please encourage your child to read every day and check their AR percentages regularly. Please note that we are still completing the STAR testing and AR goals have not yet been set.  This should occur by 9/15.  All students should now have a book to read and are expected to read 1/2 hour each night.  We thank you for your support!

Accelerated Reading is a computerized program we use to track students outside reading.  Each student is tested on their reading ability, then given a point goal for each quarter.  Students then take an online quiz for each book they read.  The point value of each book is based on the length of the book, number of words on a page, and the syllabication of words within the text.  If students do poorly on the quizzes, it is an indication that they may be having trouble comprehending.  It can also serve as a motivator to keep students reading as we all know reading in the gateway to knowledge.  Thank you for your support.

Here is the quarter 2 AR schedule.  Please encourage your child to read!

 1st Quarter AR Schedule

        Date              Percent of Goal

      11/24                            10%

      12/1                              20%

      12/8                             30%

      12/15                            40%

    12/22                              50%

    12/29                               60%

    1/5                                  70%

    1/12                                80%

   1/19                                90%

    1/26                              100%

We would like to ask your help in reminding your band and EHP students to check in with the teacher of each class they miss to pass in homework and check in regarding the day's lesson they miss.  It is early in the year and we are all trying to get into the "routine" of school, and  have therefore been lenient thus far.  Students not turning in homework due to a missed class for instrument lessons and EHP will be marked late and ultimately lose 10 points for each late assignment. 

Please check the Sage Team website weekly and the homework pages daily to assist your child in completing homework regularly.  

Please help us promote your children's reading abilities by encouraging them to read for 1/2 hour each night.  This will also count toward their homework grade in LA each quarter.  

The following table is our Plus block schedule.

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Chorus
  •  Silent reading
  • extra help
  • EHP (if everything is up-to-date)
  • chorus
  • Silent reading
  • extra help
  • EHP (if everything is up-to-date)
  • Silent reading
  • Extra help
  • Band (to begin soon)
  • EHP (if everything is up to date)
  •  Band
  • silent reading
  •  extra help
  • EHP (if everything is up-to-date)
  •  Band
  • Silent reading
  • EHP (if everything is up-to-date)


The Sage Team

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