Welcome to
 Mrs.Zawacki's First Grade Classroom
 Antrim Elementary School

September 2017
------- We had great fun painting and creating. First we read many Eric Carle books and looking at his "collage-papers" illustrations. Then we "made" our own "papers" using tempra paints and many different tools! (Thank you to all the moms who came to help!!). Finally, we used those papers to make caterpillars and butterflies to go on our Butterfly Life Cycle bulletin board.
--------We also made some awesome skeletons!!! We learned about the different bones in our bodies, read a cool book that had all kinds of animal skeletons to look at, and even looked at real x-rays.
-------Open House was a lot of fun! We got to show our families all our hard work. We took home our skeletons so we could use them for Halloween!

October 2017
-------On Wednesday Oct. 11th the Antrim Fireman came to AES and taught all of us about fire safety. We decided our favorite activity was seeing and sitting in the big fire engine!!! Someday one of us may be firefighter when we grow up!!!
------On Thursday October 19th the first grade classes went to see a play at the Capital Center for the Arts. We got there just in the nick of time  and shortly after we sat down the lights went dim. The first play was I Love My Storybook. There were only two people on stage and they used many hand held puppets and props to tell the story. It was fascinating to see how the rabbit could hop, how the giant was represented and how "water" appeared on stage. The play followed the book very closely. The second play was based on the book Guess How Much I  Love You. Again there were only two people on stage and only two puppets that were hares---one quite a bit larger than the other. The Hares "hopped" around stage and told their story.
       Everyone agreed that the plays were well performed and when we took a vote back at school the small white rabbit from the I Love My Storybook was declared to be the most favorite character. Going to see the plays was a fun and interesting morning outing.
       Then we went out for a lunch of Pizza and drinks. Everyone was well behaved and had fun.

----October 31st finally arrived and it was a fun day!!! In the morning we split into our Eagle Groups and went hunting for Treasures both in AES and in the woods out behind AES. Then we decorated our scarecrows and hung them in the hallway for all to see. Then 1:20 came and we all got dressed for our traditional Halloween parade. We walked to the Antrim Village and showed off our costumes there and got some treats to!!! Then it was back to AES where we had more treats and a party!!! A big Thank you to everyone who helped out!!!

November 2017
____November was filled with a lot of assessment but ......we also had a lot of fun learning about life in the "olden" days and in particular Pilgrims and Native American. One day we pretended to be Pilgrims. We made candles the old fashioned way dipping string into wax!  We wrote with quills and ink! We made our own "pokets" or purses. We played "hoop and stick" as well as "ball and cup".  Then we pretended to be a Native American. We made a pot out of clay. We attempted to carve an arrowhead but did not succeed too well. We threw our own "straw arrows" with and without tails to understand why "tails" are so important for an arrow. We wove a place mat. We strung beads into a necklace. And we read lots of books about Native Americans and Pilgrims.

December 2017
------December was filled with a lot of learning about various Holidays. We learned about Hanukkah by drawing a Menorah, cooking potato latkes and playing dreidals. Thank you Mrs. Gregg for sharing your Hanukkah traditions. Then we did a variety of Christmas activities from reading stories to sharing a Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.  Finally we learned about the African-American holiday Kwanza.

January 2018
-------So January has been full of snow days and snow delays. And January has been full of assessing----all of which is going good! The one theme we have been working on is Families. Currently we have been reading family stories both fiction and non-fiction. Writing a book about our own families. And watching vidoes about families around the world.

February 2018
-------- February brought us the 100th day of school!!!! The first grade celebrated in style! We read many books around the number 100 including my favorite Mr. George Baker. Then we made towers from 100 plastic cups, looked for 100 cubes hidden in Mrs. Donovan room (4 are still missing!), touch a hundred dollar bill plus other large bills and then write what we would do with a $100s, compared 100 items to 100 other items to see which one was heavier, and draw a picture of ourselves as a 100 year old person---lots of wrinkles and white hair!  Turns out the 100th day landed on February 14th so we exchanged valentine cards, ate some fun food and played games. A great time was had by all!!!

March 2018

---------The month of March brought a theme of friendship into the classroom. We read three of the Frog and Toad books and discussed how the two friends showed

 or didn't show their friendship. We had some serious discussions. But we laughed a lot as well because Toad did many funny things. At the end of this unit we

picked names and wrote friendly letters to each other as secret pals. Then Mrs. Z mailed them to us!!! It was fun to receive mail! Finally we wrote our own Frog and

Toad plays and used our paper bag puppets to perform them for our classmates!

April 2018
---------In the month of April we spent the month reading mystery books. Our favorite detective was Nate the Great!!  Then after devouring at 4 of Nate's books we wrote our own mystery stories. Writing a mystery is harder than reading a mystery!!! But with help from Mrs. Z and other adults they were written. Once Mrs. Z  publishes our books, we will illustrate them and finally get to read them to our family and friends at our Authors Teas!!