Welcome to
 Mrs.Zawacki's First Grade Classroom
 Antrim Elementary School

September 2017
------- We had great fun painting and creating. First we read many Eric Carle books and looking at his "collage-papers" illustrations. Then we "made" our own "papers" using tempra paints and many different tools! (Thank you to all the moms who came to help!!). Finally, we used those papers to make caterpillars and butterflies to go on our Butterfly Life Cycle bulletin board.
--------We also made some awesome skeletons!!! We learned about the different bones in our bodies, read a cool book that had all kinds of animal skeletons to look at, and even looked at real x-rays.
-------Open House was a lot of fun! We got to show our families all our hard work. We took home our skeletons so we could use them for Halloween!

October 2017
-------On Wednesday Oct. 11th the Antrim Fireman came to AES and taught all of us about fire safety. We decided our favorite activity was seeing and sitting in the big fire engine!!! Someday one of us may be firefighter when we grow up!!!

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