Mr. Iwanowicz, Miss Kneeland, and Miss Warwick

HOMEWORK: Typically, fifth graders are required to read 30 minutes a night. We don't keep reading logs or have any sort of checking system for this. However, as students take their Accelerated Reader tests and earn points toward their AR (Accelerated Reader) goals, it will become obvious if they are actually reading each night. 

ACCELERATED READER: Each fifth grader has received a slip of paper that includes his/her approximate reading level (according to a STAR test) and a point goal for this quarter. These slips are attached to their planners right before the beginning of the blue section. 

Students read a book and take a quiz to earn points. Quizzes can only be taken at SMS during school hours.

Here's a link to log in to AR and here's a link to the AR Bookfinder page which you can use to determine a book's reading level and if it is recognized by AR.

For the first unit of six this school year, we are working on these items:
Students will be able to ...

Reading Informational Text Skills

  • Summarize in writing the stated main ideas found in a non-fiction text
  • Identify and provide in writing the details that support a main idea in a non-fiction text

Writing Informative Paragraph Skills

  • Write a topic sentence that includes the topic and main idea of the paragraph
  • Write relevant important details that support the stated main idea
  • Write facts and/or quotes to explain important details
  • Write a conclusion that references back to the main idea
  • Use transition words to relate ideas within the paragraph
  • Create cohesion when writing

Language Skills

  • Produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons when writing
  • Identify prepositons in a short reading passage
  • Use precise language and domain specific vocabulary when writing
  • Use Greek and Latin roots to understand word meanings
  • Use language conventions within reading and writing

There's a resource called Lexile that determines a reading level for books. Lexile reading levels are based on vocabulary, sentence/paragraph complexity, subject matter, etc. It's easy to look up known titles to see what the Lexile number is or you can input your student's Lexile range and choose titles from various subject areas or genres.

When we get results from your fifth grader's NWEA MAP testing, we can also get new Lexile range numbers. 

Accelerated Reader numbers for students are grade level ranges which can be translated into Lexile ranges. See the links below to assist your searching.