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In IAT, we do a variety of projects where we creatively problem solve using our hands and engineering concepts.  Examples of some of the projects that we create in class are shown in the photos below. You can see students talking about the solar cars they built in the episode of NH Chronicle, by clicking here (note: it may take awhile to download). To gain more insight as to my approach to education, click on the PDF file at the bottom of the page to read an article I wrote for Connect Magazine.

Please note, tool use in this class is demonstrated and introductory. Students are not considered certified or skilled enough to work unsupervised by a competent adult.

I am available, by appointment, on most days to conference about your child's progress in IAT. I encourage you to send an email at dhammett@conval.edu with any questions.

Dwain Hammett
Integrated Art and Technology

6th grade Soma puzzle project


AfterSoma Puzzle


6th grade Nutcracker project

7th Grade Solar Cars


7th grade "Gravity" cars

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