Welcome to the Granite Team and Science!

For September 2018

WELCOME to the science website for the Granite Team!

This site is where you kind find general information about the Decibus Advisory and my Science classes.  You will find information about the Science Club, Science Field trips and general announcements.

Last week we began to switch classes.  I have enjoyed getting to know all of the fifth grade students.  Last week, we worked on answering the question, "What is Science?"  Today we finished up by writing acrostic poems for the word "SCIENCE."  You will be able to see what students created at Open House Thursday evening.

The focus in science for the month of September is Science Safety and the Scientific Method.  We will be setting up our science notebooks this week and learning about safety in the science classroom.  By the end of next week, we will be finished with our formal study of science safety, but we will be showing and reviewing it in the science lab all year.  The week of September 24th, we will be starting the Scientific Method and that will continue in to October.

If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at ddecibus@conval.edu or call the school at 924-7105.  I return calls and most e-mails after 2:30.

Have a good week!

Stay Curious! 
Mrs. D.