Industrial Technology or Technology Education is a exciting and fast paced hands-on/minds-on class, students will explore areas of technology and engineering from simple machines to rocketry. During each year Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts will be integrated to provide the students with 21st center skills and help build the history of technology, shop tools and safety. This class will provide the foundation for additional Technology Education curriculum offered to fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth grade and beyond. 

Goals of Technology Education at G.B.S.

 Technology education is for the learner to become technologically literate and be able to:

· Develop positive strategies and citizenship roles for living in a society that is undergoing rapid technological change.

· Effectively assess and apply authentic resources of: time, people, tools and machines, capital, information, materials, and energy.

· Explore a variety of information related, physical related, and biological related systems.

· Utilize the technological method to research, design, develop, produce, utilize, control, and evaluate solutions to technological problems.

· Demonstrate the appropriate, safe, and creative use of technological tools and processes within technological systems.

· Apply science, mathematics, communications, social studies, arts and humanities to solve practical problems and extend human capabilities.

· Assess the impacts of technology and how human capabilities and environments are altered.

· Apply technological knowledge and activities to career, leisure, and consumer decisions.

· Read, write, present, and interpret technical material.

Assignments & Homework

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4