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Deborah Quinn - I was born in Keene, New Hampshire and have lived in southern New Hampshire for all but the four years that I attended college in Wisconsin. I have 4 boys (Carl, Brandon, Andy and Darryl), a sweet grandson named Mason and have two playful cats named Socks and Ellie. In June 2016, I married my husband Ken who is just a wonderful blessing to me.  In my spare time, I like reading, painting, crocheting, BBQ, going to the beach, and visiting family. 

I have a BA in Elementary Education and a M. ED. in Teaching and Learning. I have been working in the field since 1993 and have taught all levels of education from pre-k to fifth grade. I find great pleasure in interacting with my students and their families and love those “AHA moments” when suddenly a class or individual reach that point of understanding.

Important Rules

Here are some rules

For you and for me,

See how important

They can be.

Always be honest,

Be kind and fair,

Always be good

And willing to share.

These are the rules

We all should know,

We follow these rules

Wherever we go.

-Author Unknown



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 Special Schedule
Week 1 - Health
Week 2 - PE
Week 3- Music
Week 4- Art
Week 5- PE
Week 6- Library