Outdoor Skills

Hello and welcome to Outdoor Skills! I am Rebecca Rand, the Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs and lead Outdoor Skills teacher. I joined the Conserve School staff in 2013 after graduating from St. Olaf College and working in a variety of environmental education and conservation roles. I earned my Masters of Science in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Environmental Education from UW-Stevens Point. My education and experiences have garnered a passion to instill environmental stewardship by connecting students with the natural world through outdoor recreation and exploration.
As a teacher at Conserve School, each and every day provides an opportunity to inspire students to new and challenging outdoor endeavors. In Outdoor Skills we use recreation within and beyond the classroom as a source of personal growth, health enhancement, connection to place, and enjoyment. It is a joy to introduce students to challenging and enjoyable outdoor activities such as skiing, canoeing and rock climbing.

I feel very content and connected to the Conserve School community and am very grateful to be here. When I’m not teaching, I very much enjoy exploring the beautiful Northwoods, practicing and teaching yoga, and playing with my new puppy, Ole.