Caitlin Lemley, Math Teacher

My full title at Conserve School is Mathematics Lab Teacher, since Conserve School uses an individualized, technology-based approach to mathematics instruction. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2012 with a degree in Mathematics Education, and I am a licensed State of Wisconsin high school math teacher. I've taught mathematics in a formal high school setting in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. In addition, I spent three years working as a math tutor, helping students with math levels from Pre-Algebra to Calculus 2. 

To further our goal of helping students transition smoothly back into their sending school math classes, we utilize the adaptive, web-based mathematics education program ALEKS. By providing instruction targeted to each student's strengths and weaknesses, ALEKS helps us tailor the math classroom experience for students from widely varied academic backgrounds and programs. I support students as they utilize the ALEKS program in the math classroom, providing them with an orientation to the program, technical assistance, ongoing guidance and supervision, and supplementary instruction and resources as needed. 

I am very excited to be living and working at Conserve School, and I look forward to helping Conserve students explore and enjoy both the outdoors and mathematics.

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