Kayla F.

My Background and Interests
 Barreling through the field in pursuit of a dragonfly or tromping through a bog in waders; meticulously editing a research paper or carefully weighing a newly hatched chicken, I'm equally at home and content. Whether I'm stargazing in a hay field or birding in the Northwood forests along my house; training homing pigeons or watching sharks swim serenely past in Honduran reefs, I have a profound love for the earth and its wonders. If I'm outside or with animals, I am happy. I love travel and learning, writing and exploring. I want to learn everything, do it all, save the world.
Why I Came to Conserve School
 I first heard about Conserve as a semester school at the American Birkebeiner, the largest cross country ski race in North America. Several years ago, I did a drama camp with Missoula Children's Theatre on Conserve's campus. I fell in love with the beautiful campus, the open spaces of the LAB and green forest canopy. We could not afford the 4-year school, but when I heard about the amazing opportunity that Conserve was offering with the semester, I jumped on it. I filled out the application the next week, and was accepted the day before I left for Spain. My interests (peace, the outdoors, science, saving the world...) all line up perfectly with Conserve's philosophy. This place is magical to me.
My Goals for My Time at Conserve School
 While I'm here, I want to milk the experience for every last drop of wonder. I want to explore every inch of campus, internalize every quote from a teacher, absorb all of the differing viewpoints of each of my peers. I am becoming empowered, enlightened, and invigorated. Passion has sprouted within me, fueled by not only my personal epiphanies here, but by those of my peers and the guidance from my teachers. I want to take as much of Conserve as I can back home, I want to change the world. Lowenwood has let me watch a merlin as it hunts, plant apple trees in meticulously squared holes, pick through the thick underbrush in search of myself, roll down the sledding hill in giddy joy, stargaze for hours on the track, paint myself black in preparation for a frisbee tournament, paddle the lakes in a white canoe with a pirate flag, conquer a climbing wall, perch in a tree above the lake, discover pitcher plants, make friendship bracelets, write papers on songs, flip a handmade dugout canoe, track wolves, and learn the intricacies of life. I have attempted veganism, learned more about my food than I truly cared to know, and began to make a change in myself. In my world. The world.