Annelise H.

My Background and Interests

I am a senior from Homestead High School in Mequon, WI, a suburb right outside of Milwaukee. For the past nine summers, I have spent my time at Arbutus Hayo Went Ha, an outdoor adventure camp in Traverse City, MI. Through my experiences of rambling through northern Michigan, my interest in enviromental action arose. Along with loving the earth, I also love writing, passionate people, and activism. I plan on majoring in History Education with a focus on Peace Studies and Enviromental History in college. Also: I am absolutley infatuated with the Northwoods, a landscape that has claimed my heart.
Why I Came to Conserve School
I came to Conserve School because I was interested in recieving an education where every facet of life, whether academic or otherwise, would be focused on enviromental stewardship. I hoped to find a community of passionate individuals dedicated to creating change. In addition, I was eagar to solidify my interest in the outdoors with a better and more comprehensive understanding of the enviroment.  I knew that Conserve School would give me the skills nessacary to stand and speak for the earth, rather than simply waiting idly for change.
My Goals for My Time at Conserve School 
My main goal for this semester was to realize and apreciate the beauty found in myself, others, and the world around me.  In a more academic sense, I wanted to improve my public speaking skills, as I realized that in order to be a voice for the wilderness I must also insist on being heard. I hoped to develop my knowledge of enviromental history, as I had not been taught much on that realm of history prior to attending Conserve School. Additionally, I was eager to further develop my knowledge of the spanish language in the context of the enviromental crisis, as I realized during the semester that the enviromental chaos of our generation must be solved on a global level. I also wanted to focus on improving my scientific knowledge, as knew that the science intensive curriculum would provide my interest in the humanities, such as enviromental history and literature, with a more fact based understanding of the world. Finally, I wanted to emmerse myself in this beautiful landscape while also building meaningful relationships with the incredible people that I have met during the semester.
"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow." - Eric Larsen