Week 11: 10/31-11/6

Our next English block is about national Parks and preserving them. To start off the topic, we took a combined class with History and hiked and canoed into Sylvania to study it in the perspective of a writer, and photographer, and an artist. We had four hours to travel to a site and use our assigned mediums to create a convincing argument of why Sylvania needs to be protected. I very much enjoyed this assignment not only because I love being in Sylvania, but it let me really think about why these places need to be protected and the majesty contained in them. National Parks are essential to our country and the more we understand about why, the more likely it is that we will acquire more, and appreciate the ones we already have. I just hope that everyone has a chance to visit a National Park and really see what they are looking at. Beauty doesn’t have to be the Grand Canyon, or Death Valley, it just has to be a quiet place, untouched by humans, which will continue to be wild for as long as our species endures.

    I believe that I was demonstrating the goal of “Demonstrates the inquiry-based, observational and reflective skills necessary to the development of an on-going sense of place”. We were out there with the assignment to observe and reflect, and I believe I went as far as I could with that. I thought a lot about what National Parks mean to me and why they need to be a protected part of our country. Through all of my English and History tasks, and even in my art classes, I am developing a deeper sense of observation. Not only to exactly what is around me, but also to what everything around me means.