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Conflict Sensitivity at CI
CI defines conflict as a relationship in which two or more parties have, or perceive they have, incompatible goals. Within conservation, conflict is a natural process that, when managed well, can produce better results for those involved. This webinar recording highlights our partnership with PeaceNexus and how CI is working to become a leader in conflict-sensitive conservation. 

Peace, Gender and Natural Resource Management
Conservation initiatives have the ability to promote or ease conflict and will likely impact men and women differently. This film follows CI's work in three South American countries where the themes of gender, peace and natural resource management are tightly linked--identifying best practices to use when creating integrated environmental peacebuilding programs. 

Peacebuilder Profile Series 
This series highlights the work of CI staff engaged in environmental peacebuilding around the world. In this first video, Rui Pinto, CI Policy Manger for Timor-Leste, discusses the impacts of historic conflict on the Timorese and how communities are reconnecting with nature.