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You will need a bag of tangrams and a white colored pencil. 

1. Take a tangram packet and put your name at the top then set up your privacy folder. 

2. Using ALL 7 pieces, on your desk create one of the designs in your packet. 

3. Then use the white colored pencil to draw lines to show where each of the 7 pieces is on your design. 

4. You do not have to go in order. Feel free to skip around if you get stuck on a design.




1. Take a task card and a tracking sheet and put your name on BOTH sheets. 

2. Use tiles numbered from 0-9

3. Place all of the tiles on the card so that all 4 equations are correct at the same time. 

4. show your work on notebook paper and record your final equations. Box in your answers for the number tiles so that it looks just like the cards. 

5. On your tracking sheet color in the number of the completed task. 

You will turn in your completed Tracking Sheet, with ALL notebook paper work stapled to the back, into the top drawer.  




You will need a tray of rods, a pencil, a privacy folder and colored pencils. 

1. Take a packet and put your name at the top.. 

2. Take out ONLY the rods listed/shown on the design in which you are working, then put the lid back on the tray (helps with spills). then set up your privacy folder. 

3. Arrange the rods so that the design is covered.

4. With a pencil, trace and label your solution. 

5. Using colored pencils, color in your design. 




This is a group project. If you choose to be a poor team player, if you choose not to work or do your part, if you choose behavior that interferes with the progress of the group in any manner, you will be given an alternative assignment. 

1. Your table needs 1 packet. Write everyone's name on the bottom of the packet if at anytime you need to take apart the packet, you can (I can help you with that). It just needs to be stapled back together when you are ready to turn it in. 

2. PLEASE take time to skim/read through the entire packet as a team before starting. It will help prevent mistakes. For example, reading pg. #4 "The Water" is important before starting on pgs. #2-3. 

3. The directions are clear and easy to follow. However if your team has any questions, send 1 person to me and I will be happy to guide you in the reight direction. 




1. Put your name on a MathMagic Land Packet.
2. Log into your Canvas Account. Click Here to go to Canvas. 
3. Go to your assignments and choose MathMagic Land link. 
4. Follow the directions provided EXACTLY as they are given. 

You will turn in your completed MathMagic Land 
assignment in to the drawer.