Welcome Message
  Aloha!  I am pleased to take this opportunity to meet you and welcome your child to my class!  Let me take a moment to introduce myself.  I grew up on the Big Island and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  I majored in Broadcast Journalism; however, decided to move back to my hometown and pursue a career in elementary education.  Thereafter, I had experience teaching K-5th grade and being a track and field coach.  I was also a test coordinator and gained experience teaching secondary students. 

    I am interested in making this a successful and happy year for you and your child.  My philosophy of teaching is to have "Happiness and Joy in the Classroom."  I believe in the importance of teacher collaboration, organization, centers, intervention, test taking strategies, and teaching methods involving the Hawaiian culture, arts, and physical education.

    I also want to let you know that it's important that we communicate throughout the year.  In my classroom, I value respect and positive attitudes.  I always inform my students to believe in themselves and as a former test coordinator, "Show what you know!"  Together, we can work as a team to make your child succeed!

clip art - DJ Inkers