Reference Resources

On this website you will find a wide variety of resources for students, educators, and parents to assist with research projects as well as other assignments.  Resources include databases, educational websites and pathfinders.  Remember, you can always ask any staff member in the media center if you need help.  Students need to make sure they ask an adult before getting on the computer. 

Selection Criteria
My selection criteria for these resources, based on the Wicomico County Board of Education's Collection Development Policies, as well as my personal views, are listed below.
1. Does the resource support classroom curriculum?
2. Do pictures and diagrams enhance learning?
3. Are multiple perspectives presented without bias?
4. Does the resource cover topics that are appropriate for the students at this school?
5. Does the resource represent diverse student interests and needs?

All images courtesy of Google Images.
View WCBOE's Collection Development Policy by clicking the link below.
Brittany Powers,
Jul 24, 2013, 12:30 PM