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Syncing iPod Touch

Create an exact copy of the iPod you wanted to distribute, by
-putting apps I wanted on it by using Sync Apps (selected apps first)
-putting music on it by using Sync Music (selected..)
-putting movies on it by using Sync Movies (selected..)
-subscribing to podcasts, downloading all episodes, and using Sync Podcasts (selected..)
-subscribing to iTunes U collections, downloading all items, and using Sync iTunesU (selected..)
-putting the pdfs I wanted in iTunes Books (drag into this, but need the iBook app to read them on iPod)
-putting the photos I wanted on it by using Sync Photos for the appropriate albums.

Then disconnect the iPod wanted as the "clone master" and
-create any bookmarks I wanted in Safari
-drag to desktop any web sites wanted to look like apps
-set video to play from the beginning
-connect to Conncoll wireless network
-arranged icons the way wanted
-logged out of iTune Store account

just for testing, put some notes in Notes, some events in Calendar, added clocks, Weather locations, etc.

Then reconnect iPod to computer, and on Mac Control-Click on ipod icon in iTunes (similar key shortcut in Win), and select Back Up, and name it.

Now take another iPod, connected it to the same iTunes, and hit Restore. Don't back up...this was already done.
At the end of the restore process, you are given the choice of setting this up as a new ipod, or restoring from a backup.

If you select the backup of the first ipod, you an exact duplicate.
It used to be that music and videos would not come over, but now everything does.

Anyhow, it may be the easiest way to clone, only one connection needed.

Later, even if you change your iTunes sync settings, when you restore from that named backup, the sync settings are restored to the original copy.