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QT Player Pro Editing and Compression

QuickTime Player Pro 7 is the regular free QuickTime, once you purchase a registration number and enter it, it becomes "Pro".
Enter the number in: QuickTime Player 7 > Registration. If you have a newer version of OSX, it may come with QuickTime Player 10. This does not allow you to edit, but you can download QT Player 7 for OSX here:
http://support.apple.com/kb/DL923. If that installer fails, try this one You can download QT Player 7 for Windows here: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/
QT Player Pro 7 edits essentially the same way on OSX and Windows. QT Player 7 and 10 co-exist without problems on OSX.

Moving your videos to a computer
1. Turn off the Zi8 video camera.
2. Connect it to the computer USB port, with the extension cable if needed. The camera will mount on the desktop.
3. Go into the DCIM folder, and look for the video .MOV files. Drag them to the desktop. You can now rename them.
4. You can delete the movies from the camera if you want. If you do not delete them, never change their file names in the camera, or the camera folder structure and names.
5. Do not just disconnect the camera from the computer, Eject the camera from the computer as you would a USB drive.

Editing functions of QT Player Pro 7

Simple trimming
1. Open the video. 
2. Move the Playhead to where you want to begin your movie. Hit the "i" key to set the IN point.
3. Move the Playhead to where you want to end your movie. Hit the "o" key to set your OUT point.
4. For precision selection, you can move the playhead, IN and OUT points one frame at a time with the keyboard arrow keys, after selecting them. These will be black when selected.
5. Go to Edit>Trim to selection

Deleting the middle of a movie
Set the IN and OUT points of the section you want to delete, using the above tips, and go to Edit>Cut.

Combining two or more movies
Edit your first movie. Edit your second movie. In the second movie, go to Edit>Select All, and then Edit>Copy. Go to your first movie, drag the playhead to the end, then go to Edit>Paste. You can also make a selection of the second movie using IN and OUT points, Edit>Copy, then go to the first movie and Edit>Paste. The pasted movie will start where the playhead of the first movie is. You can repeat this with as many movies as you want.

Saving the finished movie
Once your edits are complete, save the file as a new movie, don't just do a simple save. Drag the playhead to the beginning of the movie, and hit the "i" and "o" keys to set the in and out points to the beginning.
Then go to File>Save As, and Save as a self-contained movie.

Compressing the Movie for upload
1. Open the movie in QuickTime Player Pro.
2. Go to File>Export>Movie to QuickTime Movie.
3. Click on Options, you will see the following Movie Settings window, every button will have to be selected and set.

4. First click on Video Settings, and set the following parameters:

If you are in a hurry, use Faster Encode, though the quality won't be quite as good.

5. Click OK on your Video Settings
6. Go to Video Filter, and select None (though you can use special effects here, if you want). Click OK on your Filter Settings.
7. Go to Size, select Dimensions, Custom, 848x480:

8. Click on Sound Settings, select Show Advanced Settings, select the options below, then click OK.

9. In the Movie Settings window, check off "Prepare for Internet Streaming" and select Fast Start. Click OK.

10. Give the movie a new similar name (only letters and number, with .mov extension), and pay attention to where you are exporting it. Hit Save. Long movies may take a while to compress.

13. Save your original Zi8 movies in case you want different edits, or different compressed versions in the future.

If you need any assistance, please contact Frank Fulchiero, fful@conncoll.edu, x5006