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Sometimes you will download an mp4 video from YouTube that will either give errors in Final Cut Express, or fail to convert to a .mov or dv file in QuickTime Player Pro. We are analyzing the problem but have this workaround for now.

1. Download the video from YouTube as a Flash FLV file. One easy way to do this is using Safari. While the video is playing, go to Window>Activity. Open all the nested triangles, and find the largest file. This will be usually over 1 MB.
2. Double-click on it, this will start downloading it to your desktop, with the default name video.flv.
4. If you have a web site that will download the FLV, go ahead and use it if you want.
3. You will need a computer with Perian and MPEG Streamclip for the conversion step. The Macs in the PC Electronic Classroom have these. They are also both free downloads.
4. Open Streamclip, and drag the video.flv file in the main window. It should look like this (sample movie):

5. In Streamclip, go to File>Export to DV, and set the following parameters:

6. Then just click "Make DV" and save the file to your media folder, with the .dv extension.
7. This file will import into Final Cut Express. Once in the timeline, you need to render the audio, but it does not take long.
8. This procedure will work with any mp4 that will not import into an editing program.
9. Please contact Frank Fulchiero, x5006, fful@conncoll.edu if you have additional problems.