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On-Line Video Editors

These allow you to upload files, do some basic editing, and share with a group.

 Features JayCut Pixorial MotionBox Photobucket One True Media
 Cut editing
 Multiple clip edited into one movie
 Upload audio or narration
 Audio editing
 Privacy settings
 Group Collaboration features
 Single file upload size limit
  10 GB
 Movie takes a while to process after uploading
 Other limitations of
 free accounts

These services have closed: Jumpcut, Eyespot, MovieMasher, Cuts, Muveemix
Minimal features: Veotag, Graffiti, BubblePly
Needs to be installed locally: MovieMasher
Not sure: GorillaSpot, YouTube Remixer, Editor One

Note: iPod Nano 5th Generation video format: mp4, 640x480, 29.97 fps, Video: H.264, 2.6 mbps, Audio: AAC Stereo 128 kbps

Another Option is to edit locally, and upload the video to collaborative services such as Ning, Google Sites, PBWorks (Used to be PBWiki), Wikispaces, etc.
Not sure that the on-line video editing services have adequate collaboration features.