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Nikon CoolPix P5000 Digital Camera

Quick Start Guide

Taking Pictures
1. Rotate the mode dial to AUTO (green camera icon).
2. Push ON/OFF switch to turn camera on. Green light is lit when camera is on. See illustration below:

3. Use LCD monitor or optical viewfinder to frame picture.
4. Zoom control lever is directly in front of shutter-release button.
5. Push shutter-release button half way down to focus, when AF light next to optical viewfinder is solid green press the shutter all the way to shoot. You also see AF (green dot) displayed in monitor when scene is in focus.
6. Symbols on camera monitor:

7. The camera is set to take 10 MB, Fine Images. You can fit 400 on the 2 GB memory card. You can change these settings, and others in the MENU Button. Other settings are made in the SETUP button, in the Mode Dial on top, and in the Multi Selector, on the right of the monitor (see illustration below).

Viewing Pictures
1. Press Arrow Button on left side of monitor.
2. Use Multi-Selector to the right of monitor to click through photos. See illustration below:
You can also rotate knurled Command Dial next to ON/OFF switch to view pictures.
3. To delete a picture, while you are viewing it press the Trash Can icon on the left side of monitor.
4. To return to shooting mode, press Arrow Button again.

Flash Control - Normally set to Automatic
At times, you may not want the flash to go off, even in low light situations. Or you may want it, even in bright situation. To control the flash, push the Flash symbol on the Command Dial (small lightning bolt). This will take you to the Flash control menu, where you can set your preferences.

For long shutter speeds, or self-portraits, you may use the small tripod included with the Zi8 Video Camera Kit.

Transferring Pictures to your Computer
1. Turn camera off.
2. Connect camera to computer with USB cable. The USB connector on the camera is on the bottom right, behind a small cover.
3. Turn camera on.
4. On Windows, the camera will mount on the computer, just like a USB drive. You can then drag and copy the files from the camera to the computer. The files are in the camera's DICM/NIKON folders.
You may also have software that will allow you to import the images. When you are done, turn off the camera, and disconnect it.
5. On a Mac, use the Image Capture or the iPhoto software in the Applications folder to transfer your images. When you are done, turn off the camera, and disconnect it.
Charging the Battery
1. Turn the camera off.
2. Slide open the battery/memory card cover, located in the bottom of the camera.
3. Pull up the orange Battery Latch, the battery will pop out.
4. Connect the power cable to the charger, and plug it into a power outlet (100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ). Insert the battery in the charger, matching the shapes.
5. While charging, the charge lamp will blink. Charging is complete when the lamp stops blinking. A dead battery will take about 2 hours to fully charge.
5. Return the battery to the camera. It can only go in one way, with the small tab outboard. Do not force it.

Memory Card - The memory card can be removed, if necessary, and replaced, or another installed.
1. Turn the camera off.
2. Slide open the battery/memory card cover, located in the bottom of the camera.
3. Push on the memory card, located above the battery, it will slide out.
4. To reinsert the card, slide it in, label side facing the monitor side. Do not force it if inserted incorrectly. Push it in all the way.
5. If you need to keep the memory card outside the camera, use its protective case, found inside the camera case.

The full manual for the Nikon Coolpix 5000P can be found at http://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14261
Also available below.
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