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Image Organizers and Databases

From Archive:

Image organizers (For local computer use)
  • For the Mac iPhoto (Bundled free with Macs)
  • Bridge, an application included with Photoshop CS2 and CS3, and Photoshop Elements 4 and 5, called File Browser in Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements 3. (Mac and PC)
  • At least one of our faculty likes acdseepro, Free Trial, $129 list. There is a "non-pro" version for $39.99 list. (PC) There may be educational discounts.
  • Some faculty at other institutions are using iView Media $ 25 educational cost. However, Microsoft recently purchased the company, and has eliminated iView Media. They have released Expression Media, listed in Image Databases, below. This replaces iView Media Pro, the higher-end version of iView Media. iVew Media Pro is still available, as of Dec. 07, for $99.
  • We have not evaluated it, but the open-source, cross-platform Album Shaper seems interesting.
  • Other software: QPict (Mac)
  • Higher-end photo-editing software also has image organizing and cataloging features. To be investigated:
Adobe Lightroom compared with Bridge
Apple Aperture
On-Line Web-Based Image Organizers

The college subscribes to ARTstor, an on-line repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images and related data, with the tools to actively use them and present them. It is also possible to create personal collections. ARTstor provides free Offline Image Viewers that can be used either with or without ARTstor images.

Image databases

(if you need more extensive cataloging features than the above provide):

  • We usually recommend, for single individual users, Portfolio $200 list, $100 Educational Cost, there is a free 30-day trial available. (Mac and PC). Portfolio also offers a server version.
  • For metadata only, without images or thumbnails, Filemaker Pro is very good (Mac and PC). Filemaker can incorporate images or thumbnails, but this can be time-consuming. Microsoft Access can also be used for metadata, (PC only), but can be harder to learn.
Campus-wide image database to meet Instruction and Archives requirements
  • A study of “Using Digital Images in Teaching and Learning,” was commissioned by Wesleyan University in collaboration with the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE). The final report can be found here. Look for the link to the one page of Recommendations.
Image Cataloging

Cataloging software does a good job of describing metatada. It can usually only shows a thumbnail of the image, not a large view, sometimes not even a thumbnail is used.

  • VCat (used to be VireoCat)
Presentation Software
  • Much of the above software can also create image presentations.
  • In addition, we have an entire wiki page on Presentation tools and tips
Conferences, and Image Database Projects at other Institutions
  • vraweb comparison of Filemaker Image Databases
Open Source Web Image Galleries and Organizers
On-Line Photo Sharing and Printing
  • One of our student assistants likes Snapfish She claims that usually digital camera's aspect ratio of 4:3 is cropped to 3:2 when prints are made at other services, and she loses a bit of the top and bottom of each image.
Imaging Guidelines and References

Please contact Mark Braunstein, x2729, mmbra@conncoll.edu, or Frank Fulchiero, x5006, fful@conncoll.edu, if you need assistance with any of the above.