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Final Cut Express

Starting a new project with the correct preferences.

The first time you open FCE, DO NOT CLICK OK, the Primary Scratch Disk may not be writable, as follows:

In that case, select a new Scratch Disk that your account can write to, Shared is always available to all accounts.

You can then change, if you want, the Scratch Disk in Final Cut Express>System Settings, an example follows. Set the Waveform Cache, Thumbnail Cache, and Autosave Vault to the same folder as the Scratch Disk.
In Final Cut Express>Easy Setup, Leave Formats to (all formats) and Rate to (all rates). Set Use: to DV-NTSC if you captured your materials at 4:3 aspect ratio. Use "DV-NTSC Anamorphic" if you captured video at a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can mix aspect ratios in your production, but you have to select one or the other for your Sequence. If you change the aspect ratio in Easy Setup after you create your Sequence, the Sequence will not change. However, you can then create a new Sequence (File>New>Sequence) that will reflect the change. The  Setup window will look like this for 4:3 aspect ratio video, though your Scratch Disk may differ:

If you open FCE without setting a writable scratch disk, it will never open. Follow the procedure below to fix this.

Rebuilding Final Cut Express Preferences

Occasionally Final Cut Express becomes corrupted, or cannot be opened. To fix this:

1. If Final Cut Express is open, Quit it, don't just close it.
2. Go to to the folder Macintosh HD>Users>Your User Name>Library>Preferences
3. Delete these files if they exist: com.apple.FinalCutExpress.plist, and any Final Express folders.
4. When you reopen Final Cut Express it will be set to the factory defaults.

Outline of Second FCE Class

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Outline of Third FCE Class

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Exporting from Final Cut Express using QuickTime Player Pro (click for link)

Exporting from Final Cut Express using QuickTime Conversion (click for link)