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Creating a Podcast

1. Record your audio.
2. Edit your audio, a good tool is Audacity, or GarageBand
3. Export as AIFF, stereo, 44.1 KHz, 16 bit. The name cannot have any spaces, and you need an .aif extension.
4. Import into iTunes.
5. Convert to m4a file. First go into iTunes>General>Import Settings. Set to AAC Encoder, High Quality (128 kbps)
6. Select the files to convert, and go to iTunes>Advanced>Create AAC version.
7. Each file needs new metadata. Select the file, and go to File>Get Info, then:
    a. In Info, give it a name, this can have spaces. Give it an Album name. Give it an Artist and Album Artist.
    b. In Artwork, add a 300 x 300 pixel, 72 dpi jpeg image.
8. It helps to have information for your Podcast prepared before creating it. A podcast consists of one Channel or Episode, with as many Items as you want. The Channel and Items requires certain information.
9. The major ones for Channel (Episode) are:
    a. Title
    b. Description (not sure where this shows up) make it the same as itunes:summary
    c. Link: to appropriate URL, goes there when you click on arrow in iTunes next to Podcast title.
    d. Copyright (shows up in iTunes Store)
    d. itunes:subtitle: Shows up in iTunes Channel Description field.
    e. itunes:summary: Shows up in iTunes when you click on the "i" circle. Shows up in iTunes Store under Podcast Description
    f. itunes:author
    g. itunes:owner (individual responsible for tech problems)
    h. itunes:image 300x300 pixel 72 dpi image, shows up only in iTunes Store. Make sure it can scale well to 50x50 pixels for main podcast page.