Eco 411 – Seminar in International Economics

Eco 330 - International Finance: The fundamentals of open economy macroeconomics including balance of payments, international monetary systems and foreign exchange markets.

Eco 311 – International Trade: This course covers the basic theoretical models of international trade and barriers to trade. The focus is the empirical application of these theories to the real world.

Eco 220 - The Economics of Multilateral Organizations: WTO, IMF and WB: This is a new course that I designed myself using material obtained from extensive research and correspondence with economists from the IMF and the World Bank. This course familiarizes students more closely with the multilateral policy making: explore their inner workings and understand the benefits and shortcomings of their operations.

Eco 111 - Introductory Macroeconomics: Introduction to aggregate economics, stressing the forces that shape overall economic activity and determine economic growth, employment, interest rates, and inflation.