Despite its reputation as a whaling city, New London was a major manufacturing center between the Civil War and World War II.   This website uses the material world to examine this often neglected aspect of New London’s history.  Specifically, it highlights the architecture of New London’s factory buildings (the most significant of which have been demolished), the impact of these factories on the city’s urban fabric (including the neighborhoods of worker housing that grew up around them), and the products they manufactured.

This website is the product of the research efforts to Connecticut College students enrolled in ARC 493C/AHI 493D New London: A Cultural Landscape Approach.  In fall 2009, they were Ben Arcia, Davey Ives, Freya Levett, Will Moger, Laura Mullin, Erin Okabe-Jawdat, and Natalie Sharp. In fall 2010, they were Marcus Clinton, Page Fournier, Jordan Gray, Juan Camilo Ortiz, and Rebecca Schoen.