Upper-level: 5 courses at the 300 or 400 level

Courses in RED offered Spring 2013                    url:  sites.google.com/a/conncoll.edu/english-major-requirements/ 
Courses in YELLOW offered Fall 2013                 version 12.xi.13
Courses in CYAN offered Spring 2014


 British Literature

U. S. Literature

World Literature

Medieval / Renaissance Literature
303 Renaissance Drama
323 Elizabethan Poetry
324 Donne, Herbert, Marvell
326 Faerie Queene
330A Vis/Lit Worlds Medieval England
330B Love & Sex in the Middle Ages
331 Shakespeare in Performance
333 Canterbury Tales
334 Medieval Epic and Romance
342 After Aesop
493/4F Themes & Probs in Shakespeare 
493/4Y Shakespeare's Brain, Sh's Body
493/4X Arthurian Legend

 493/4X Arthurian Legend

18th-Century/ Romantic 
303 Renaissance Drama
309 Romanticism I
310 Romanticism II
312 Milton
323 Elizabethan Poetry
324 Donne, Herbert, Marvell
327 English Novel I
329 Race, Nation, Empire in 18th C
331 Shakespeare in Performance
325 Occupy American Lit
343 Antebellum American Lit

305 Modern Poetry
310 Romanticism II
320A James Joyce
320B Modernism and its Discontents
327 English Novel I
328 English Novel II
345 Romantic Poetry
346 Victorian Literature
348 Charles Dickens
365 Intro to Finnegans Wake
372 20th-Century British Novel
493/4E The Brontës
493/4G Jane Austen
493/4I Finnegans Wake
493/4P George Eliot, Virginia Woolf
493/4U Dickens
301 Major American Writers
305 Modern Poetry

306A Poetry of the Post-Modern Era
307 Literature & Film of the 30s
315 Henry James in Italy
317 =Environmental Studies 317
326 Thrills, Chills and Tears
332 Exquisite Corpses
336 Humans and Other Animals
337 Literature of Passing
338 Film and Fiction
341 American Literary Realism
343 Gothic Romanticism
349 Madness & Postwar U.S. Literature
360 Race and Documentary Film
361 Contemporary Black American Lit
363 Machine in 19th-C American Lit.
366 Poetry & Personality
3xx (19th-Century American Lit)
493/4C Hemingway, Fitzgerald
493/4H Toni Morrison
493/4L James & Wharton
493/4Q Vladimir Nabokov
493/4X Henry James, Edith Wharton
311 African Novels
314 Novel & Globalization
316 Constructing the Human

332 Exquisite Corpses
335 Twice-Told Tales

358 Curr. Issues Postcolonial Lit
359 Law & Justice in Postcolonial Narrative
360 Race & Documentary Film
362 Alice Munro & Short Story
3xx (20th-Century World Lit)
493/4J Gordimer, Coetzee
493/4Q Vladimir Nabokov