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2012 staff survey

Most important services

The survey asked staff to rate the importance of various services to them. The following were the 10 services rated either "Important" or "Very Important" by the highest percentage of staff:
  • Support when you have a desktop/laptop computing problem
  • Overall computing service
  • The time it takes to resolve your desktop/laptop computing problems
  • E-mail services
  • Virus protection
  • E-mail spam filtering
  • Departmental printers
  • Help Desk
  • Support for your specialized computing needs
  • Performance of wireless access on campus

Highest satisfaction

The survey also asked staff to rate their satisfaction with various services. The following 10 services received the highest number of "Satisfied" or "Somewhat Satisfied" ratings:
  • Library reference services
  • Library circulation services
  • Library and CTW catalog (Caravan)
  • Library databases (e.g. JSTOR)
  • Overall library service
  • Virus protection
  • Physical comfort in the library (e.g. seating, lighting)
  • Blue Camel Café
  • Libraries and Technology web site
  • Public computers in the library