Schedule of Events

Friday Oct. 1st






Dinner in Harris (Houses wear shirts to dinner)
Opening Ceremonies (Cro Front Steps)
Longest Event (Side of Cro by 62 Room)    
Loop Race (Starts in Front of Cro)
Scavenger Hunt (Starts at Cro Info Desk)  
Crossword (Cro’s Nest)
Frisbee Golf (Larrabee Green)                     
Floor Hockey (Rubber Courts)
Foosball (Lambdin Game Room)                
Ping Pong (Lambdin Game Room)
Wii Tennis (Cro 62 Room)
5 v 5 Basketball (Rubber Courts)                
Bombardment (Rubber Courts)
Arm Wrestling (Cro 62 Room)                    
Scattergories (Cro 62 Room)
Jenga (Cro 62 Room)                                   
Assassins (Starts at Cro Info Desk)
Wii Bowling (Cro 62 Room)                       
Air Hockey (Lambdin Game Room)

Puzzles (Cro's Nest)
Volley Ball (Volley Ball Courts)                 
CAMEL Courts (Rubber Courts)
Uno (Cro 62 Room)                                    
Scrabble (Cro 62 Room)
Poker (Cro 62 Room)                                  
Wii Golf (Cro 62 Room)
Catch Pharse (Cro 62 Room)                     
Checkers (Cro 62 Room)                          
Connect Four (Cro 62 Room)
Spelling Bee  (Cro's Nest)                   
Card Houses (Cro 62 Room)
Apples to Apples (Cro 62 Room)             
Wii Baseball (Cro 62 Room)

Saturday Oct. 2nd
 10am-12pmSoccer (Chapel Green)
Flag Football (Chapel Green)
Taboo (Cro’s Nest)
Tug-of-War (Larrabee Green)
Billards (Cro Couches)
Baggo (Cro Pit)
Quidditch (Cro Green)