History of Camelympics

Camelympics is a tradition of Connecticut College dating back to the mid-1990s. Since then the tradition has taken on many forms and has passed through many hands of leadership. Even through the many alterations Camelympics has gone through, this event is seen by the campus community as a point of pride and a way for the campus to engage with each other in collegial athletic event. Camelympics has even gained the up most respect by the administration, that the Office of Admissions lists this event as one of the Top Ten Things to do before a student leaves Connecticut College.

The structure of Camelympics has evolved over the years from a one 24 hour day event to a 2 day event. One thing has remained a constant – students love the community this event builds in and among the houses. When REAL start the event back in the mid-1990s no one could foresee the amazing impact it has had on the Conn Community. We are now at a time to bring Camelympics into the ’10-’11 academic year with style.