MS Morning Math

 Last updated November 30, 2010

Divide Fractions (C)
Divide fractions on pencil-and-paper.
Check your answer on this site.

Interactive Algebra Equations (N,P,K,J,C)
Solve 1,2, and 3 step algebra equations.
Choose a step to see what happens to the equation.

The Factor Game (N, P, K, J)
Select a number.  Highlight its factors.
Play against another person or the computer.

Equivalent Fraction Activity (N, P, K)
Draw an equivalent fraction:
     Simplify by using the GCF.
     Rename by using a multiple.


Greatest Common Factor
(N, J)

The Great Martini Company (P, J?)
     3-digits divided by 1-digit
Be sure to use the arrow keys to move the gray answer box.

Renaming Fractions (N, J
    Simplifying - Choose "Rename to lowest terms with circles."
                      Use the GCF to simplify and watch what happens to the fraction slices.
                      (GCF - Greatest Common Factor)
     Higher Terms - Choose "Rename to higher terms with circles."

Factors, Multiples, Prime Factorization (
     1 or 2 player Jeopardy type game.