District Projects

As a district we have come together to create art pieces that the community can enjoy.

The Mural at the Steeplegate Mall 2012-2013
After years of exhibiting our Annual Youth Art Month Exhibit at the Steeplegate Mall, their management team approached the CSD Art Dept. about funding a mural to be created by students.  After plans and proposals were considered, we agreed on a design concept that embraced the relationship between commerce, government and community. The mural is constructed of a series of geometric panels depicting architectural images of the NH State House, Concord High School, and the Steeplegate Mall. The mural stands 10' tall by 36' wide, and is located near the Bonton entrance, marked by a plaque with the following statement:

"This mural was created by students from each of Concord's seven public schools during the Spring of 2013. Funded by the Steeplegate Mall, the mural portrays education, government and commerce as essential pillars of a healthy community."

Canopy Project at White's Farm 2011-2013
When construction was completed for the Gazebo at White Farm,
an on-site, outdoor classroom and meeting space for Project SEE, LuAnne Pigeon had 
an idea. This beautiful structure needed something to adorn the somewhat bare looking 
ceiling space. Thus,  the Canopy project was born with the help of elementary art teachers and their students. 
The Canopy Project” at White Farm is an integration of Art and during the 2011-12 school year, materials were purchased for the series of panels that were to be installed in the rafters of the Gazebo. Funding was provided by Project SEE along with contributions 
from the various elementary PTO groups. The elementary art teachers had students paint the panels, which were brought together and the installation process was completed in 2013.