Concord School District Assessment Department
Our Enduring UnderstandingAssessment should not get in the way of learning; it should be a part of the learning.

The purpose of this site is to support assessment related activities in the Concord School District.  This work takes on many different forms...
  • analyzing district-level results
  • facilitating collaborative conversations in schools
  • supporting formative assessment efforts with teachers
  • maintaining a focus on results at all levels
Our work is framed by our three district goals:

1.  To ensure that every student has access to the district curriculum
2.  To coordinate our work together when more than one of us is working with the same student
3.  To use the data we collect to monitor student progress and, when necessary, to make timely adjustments when a student is not making progress

Concord joined the PACE initiative in the spring of 2015.  Click here for more information about PACE. 

And at the heart of what we believe in...Failure = Learning

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