Distance Learning

The distance learning program at Concordia is an exciting method of instruction and learning that takes place via video conferencing.  Through the convenience of our distance learning lab students benefit from a diverse variety of instruction that allows them to interact with highly qualified instructors and presenters throughout the world.  For example kindergartners may be creating puppets while learning about penguins from the Center of Puppetry that is located in Atlanta Georgia.  4th and 5th graders interactively participate in the Smithsonian Air Space Museum’s Video Conference program “Kites, Wings, and Flying Things” in which they explore ideas and concepts the Wright brothers used to create their 1903 flyer.  Through this program students are able to see the original 1903 flyer that is on display at the Smithsonian.


Our distance learning program offers our teachers a great resource to compliment their standard curriculum and allows them the flexibility and affordability to expose students to learning opportunities that would simply not be available otherwise.