About me...


I am a PhD student at Physics Department of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey. My main interest is on modeling and analysis of the light curves and radial velocity curves of eclipsing binary stars and transiting exoplanets.

Title of my master thesis project was Photometric Investigation of Some Beta Lyrae Type Eclipsing Binary Stars, which  was on beta-Lyra type eclipsing binary systems. beta-Lyra type eclipsing binary systems corresponds to very important stage of evolution of binary star systems. In the literature, small number of well-studied beta-Lyrae type systems exists. Therefore photometric studies of such systems become very important not only for providing contributions to the literature but also for being a part of the future large-scale studies. In the project, multiband photometric observations of two beta-Lyrae type systems (SX Aur and HL Dra) were performed. Then the light curves obtained from our observations were solved simultaneously with the radial velocity data, which were taken from the literature, in order to determine accurate absolute elements of the systems. In addition to the simultaneous light curve solution of SX Aur, O-C based period analysis of the system were also done by using all available minimum times. For more details of my master thesis project please look at the following reference, which is part of the project.

  • Öztürk, O., Soydugan, F., Çiçek, C., New Astronomy, Volume 30, p. 100-104 (2014).

When I took a master level course from Prof. Dr. Ahmet Erdem, I also got very interested on O-C based period analysis of Algol-type eclipsing binary star systems. By means of O-C analysis, conservative (no mass is lost from the system) and non-conservative (system can lose some of its mass via angular momentum lose due to magnetic stellar winds or via other mechanisms) mass transfer mechanisms predicted in Algol-type binaries can be tested. For my work with Prof. Erdem on O-C analysis of Algol-type binary stars and other studies about binary star systems please look at the following reference.  

 For O-C analysis of Algol-type binary stars: 
  • Erdem, A. & Öztürk, O., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 441, Issue 2, p.1166-1176 (2014).
 For photometric study of  beta-Lyrae type  systems:
  • Erdem, A. & Öztürk, O., New Astronomy, Volume 48, p. 33-41 (2016).

In my PhD thesis project, I am working on the transiting exoplanet subject under supervision of Prof. Ahmet Erdem. My main goal is to determine the physical parameters of selected star-planet systems (such as: planetary radius, stellar radius , semi-major axis of the star-planet system, orbital inclination of the system, orbital period of the planet, surface gravities of the star and planet, equlibrium temperature of the planet, stellar and planetary density) by photometric transit observations and radial velocity measurements of the host stars. I am also working on transit timing variation (TTV) of exoplanets, which is the variation in the timing of a transit. TTV analysis is a powerful method to infer the presence of unseen companion planet(s) which is (are) physically bound to star-planet system.