Navigation with Head, Heart and Hands  


Entrepreneurs and Executives 
in Industry, Science and Politics

Human beings as well as organizations are like travelers in boats on the ocean. If you want to find your own way successfully, you’ll need a boat that carries you safely and reliable to your destination. Every captain is responsible for his or her own ship. Everyone faces an individual challenge to set the right priorities and choose one’s personal route respectively the one for the organization. The crew on board needs to pull together in the same direction.

But if we don’t know exactly where we want to go, no wind can be favorable. Conversely it doesn’t matter which kind of wind is blowing if the ship is seaworthy and we are capable to set the right sails. However, this requires that we know our actual position and the inshore waters,
that we are aware of the weather conditions and the capabilities of the crew.

There might be phases within the life of a person or an organization, when the boat will reach its limits and eventually the crew will get into trouble – in unknown waters with shallows and barriers, in time of high traffic volume, maybe also because of suddenly changing weather conditions.

Then I will come on-board for a designated time, to support the captain as a loadsman and to strengthen the crew. As well-experienced navigating officer I offer Coaching & Consulting to determine the target and the route, to continue the journey and to reach the final destination safely in an efficient way. My special focus is on the protection of the humans, the boat as well as the environment. 

Through a holistic approach comsciencia® enables the crew to get access to new knowledge, thinking, feeling, experience and action. A targeted and well-structured communication will be the bases to build trust. The consciousness how to realize opportunities to actively shape one’s own future will increase. Thus, human beings as well as organizations will grow successfully and develop their full potential in transformational journeys.

Conscientia (lat.) means consciousness. comsciencia® stands for communication and a joint understanding and indicates the target groups at the same time: people from companies and science.

I would be happy to provide navigation support on your journey.
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