Component Management Software, Inc. is the developer and publisher of the open source
QuantumChangeTM Component Management System

The typical QuantumChange audience is typically a large enterprise software development environment
supporting many similar but different products built on long lived software components that continue to evolve long after they've been deployed
in their initial product configuration.

For example, a vendor of printers may have hundreds of software components that drive the printer hardware.  The
components are reused and refined as new models of printers are released.  A software component may evolve into
divergent "subsystem views" of the component which are deployed into different product configurations.  QuantumChange
manages tracking and flow of changes between related subsystem views of a component, and the products that use those

The QuantumChangeTM Component Management System is made available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License
and may also be acquired under dual license terms.  Contact us for details.

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