Mission Statement:
Sweet Cleats mission is to collect used sports equipment and donate new sports equipment to inner city kids sports programs through the sale and collection of the Sweet Cleat bag program.

Why We Started the Sweet Cleats Program:
Exercise is an important part of being healthy, and I should know. I exercise as often as possible – on the yard at school, on the soccer field, on the baseball field, on the track, at the beach, while at the park, and at home. I know that not everyone is as lucky as me and they may not have a yard or park to play at. They may not be able to play on a team or go to the beach. And many of the kids who can’t, also don’t have health insurance. Not getting enough exercise can lead to obesity, which can lead to larger health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Not having insurance on top of that can be devastating. It is my goal to help kids get the opportunities and the equipment that they need to get out there, exercise, have fun and stay healthy.

Sweet Cleats / Pump It Forward Calendar of Events