Upper Elementary

Wheat Ridge Upper Elementary Team

Call the main number 303-420-8288.  When the message comes on you may press an extension number at any time to ring a room.  If you would like to be put directly into a voice mail box press * and then the extension number.
Tina BarathUpper El Water Room240tbarath@compassk12.org
Chase DeutschmanUpper El Water Room240cdeutschman@compassk12.org
Maya AllenUpper El Fire Room233mallen@compassk12.org
Lisa HazeltonUpper El Fire Room233lhazelton@compassk12.org
Amy FleigUpper El Earth Room234afleig@compassk12.org
Leah HudsonUpper El Earth Room234lhudson@compassk12.org
Charley MyersInstructional Coach cmyers@compassk12.org

Golden Upper Elementary Team

Call the main number 303-271-1977

Martha VincentUpper El Teacher - Pyrite Roommsvincent@compassk12.org
Hannah EbnerUpper El Teacher-Topaz Roomhebner@compassk12.org
Kim PattonUpper El Assistantkpatton@compassk12.org
Pat HowardElementary Program Directorphoward@compassk12.org