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The plant embryo brings forth a seed, and then after germination, brings forth a startling new stage- the immersion of the plant into a new world.  Now above ground, it must adapt both physically and environmentally. This, I believe, is the stage of the adolescent as well.  Humans, like plants, must change and adapt in profound ways in order to produce fruit.  Montessori talked about these two stages and the difficulty of going through both physical changes and the social/ environmental changes into society.  She talks of an equilibrium of education, a symbiosis.  Further, she said that men with head and no hands, and men with hands and no head are equally out of place in today's society.  She adds, that education must include the physical 
and intellectual, and proposes that the farm is the place to truly put education into practice.

On the farm, we will study the relationships between soil, water, and plant, and then we will dig in and get dirty.  We will learn about the food system and the agricultural supply chain, and then we will experience it with the crops that grow in our soil and the animals we hold in our arms.  We shall build and engineer upon the precedents of our amazing history of progress and civilization.  We will see economics through the exchange at the Farm Stand.  We will learn to use our animal and plant  resources wisely.  We will learn how to provide some of our own basic human needs.  We will learn about the attentiveness that animal husbandry demands.  We will dig, and we will harvest, and we will observe, and we will experiment, and yes, we will pull weeds.  I can't imagine many other better places than the farm.  It's the place where life just unfolds itself for us to observe and enjoy.

About Jason The Farmer

My name is Jason Heminger, and I am your new farmer.  As well as seeing my bearded face around the farm, you may also see my lovely wife Sayde, my two boys August and Benjamin, and our newest little addition, baby Rosalie.  My wife is as brilliant and beautiful as they come; even more than the clothes she makes, the cookies she bakes, and the sweet hospitality she... emanates?  August is the big blue-eyed, curly haired, best friend-you-never-knew-you-had, 5 year old up on the farm, probably waiting right now to show you his newest Lego creation.  On the other hand, Benjamin will be the 2 year old that's staring you down, analyzing your posture and facial expressions in order to gauge your trust level.  Once you've made it into the circle of trust, though, he'll have you chuckling all day long.  Rosalie is only 5 weeks old, so I don't really have much to say other than, she sure is a cutie pie.  And Me, well I'm pretty boring, and just thankful I have an interesting family to stand alongside.  

The farm will open from 8 to noon every weekday this summer and every Tuesday evening 5-8pm for a campfire hangout.  Come out and work, learn, or just chat.  Contact me about specific projects by email or just show up and help us complete our summer projects.