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Friday, February 24

posted Feb 23, 2012, 6:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 26, 2012, 8:22 PM ]
Assignment Directions - Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3: 
  1. Open your Google Doc for you biography report.  Read your teacher's comments and respond to them.  By 11:10, you need to begin Step 2.
  2. Begin typing where you left off last time.  The goal for Mrs. Simili's and Mr. Fearey's class is to be finished with your draft of the third paragraph today.
  3. Proofread the paragraph(s) you have written.  Ask yourself, "If I had never heard of my biography subject, how well would I understand the sentences in this paragraph?  What additional information would I want to know as a reader?"
  4. If you need your six adjectives for your frame draft, make sure you copy them with correct spelling from your brochure.
  5. Do not work on the fourth paragraph.   Work on the introduction for your report using the guidelines discussed in class.  Click on the link for a refresher.  Proofread the introduction.  If you finish your introduction, you can work on the conclusion.  
Finished Work:   
  1. Help a friend who types more slowly.  Your friend should tell you exactly what to write, and you type it in.
  2. Edit a friend's paragraph and introduction.  Look for places that the writing is unclear to you and point that out in a comment.  When you find run-on sentences or other problems with punctuation or capitalization make a comment.  When you see a sentence that has good word choice, strong voice, or variety in sentence construction, make a comment about the good writing that you see.
  3. Work on your personal choice writing.  Each student in Mrs. Simili's class started a story quite awhile ago.  You may continue working on that story or start a new one if you prefer.  Mr. Fearey's class is to start a new story. The emphasis is to be Voice of your choice. Students from either class may choose to write a personal narrative, telling a story that happened to you, or a third person narrative, telling a story about a fictional character you have invented.  You may also write poetry.
  4. This year students have the opportunity for the first time to publish their writing on our website.  One of the parents has volunteered to help edit student work to make it publishing quality. If you want to publish the piece of writing you are working on for free choice,  please e-mail Mrs. Simili.  Mrs. S. will share your document with the parent volunteer, so she can make suggestions.