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Compass Wellness Program

(A PDF of the Compass Wellness Program can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Food- The hot lunch program will comply with all state guidelines. Guidelines set by the state are in accordance with the recommended dietary allowances; such as lean meats, increased whole grains, reduced fat, reduced sodium, increased fruits and vegetables.

Snack Bar- Snack bar should offer only juice, water and low sugar, non-caffeinated beverages. Snacks should include sugar free gum and a variety of healthy choices. Choices that are high in fat and sugar and offer no nutritional value should be limited to no more than 50 %.

Event sales- Healthy choices should be made available along with the goodies. We would encourage fundraising to be creative in offering healthy goodies and to consider non edible sales.

Physical- Well rounded physical education for 1st-8th grade. High School will fulfill credit requirements (Mr. Pinkerman is doing an awesome job!)

Lunch and after school physical challenges such as the Walking and Jumping Logs will be encouraged and supported by both staff and the Compass PFA.

Afterschool sports program are promoted and participation is encouraged.

Education- “Veggie/Fruit/Grain of the Month” booklet will be available in elementary science. Children will be educated about different vegetables, fruits and grains. The spotlighted food will be showcased each month on the lunch menu.

Information will include: where it is grown, can it be grown in Idaho, growing season, nutritional value, recipes (If funding is available, we will give samples to the students).

Publicity- Communications and Art classes will assist in promoting the Veggie/Fruit/Grain of the month and physical challenges by making public service announcements and posters.

Community- We will promote awareness of community programs that encourage physical and nutritional education.

Sanitation and personal hygiene- We shall promote ongoing education related to sanitation and personal hygiene.

Wellness committee- We would like parent, staff and student volunteers to serve on a wellness committee to help promote and improve the wellness program in our school.

Wellness Policy- The Wellness Policy is available for public inspection at the Compass Public Charter School Office.
Jeniffer Murphy,
Nov 14, 2011, 9:18 AM