The Compass Wolf                                                      December, 2015
Volume I, Issue 1
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City Year
   By Jorge E. Garcia 

Student Council is Elected
 By: Arely Verdugo

Eating Cheetos is Bad for You!
By Edith Macias

Compass has a Mascot!
by Jonathan Arellano

Compass Academy's new home

By Mariana Lopez , Aldo Macias, Sabrina Nguyen, Maritza Maravilla, and Edith Macias-Calderon

In 2016, Compass Academy is moving to Lincoln High School. The Compass Academy board is helping us move to Lincoln. We are moving because there is more space for our permanent home.

All of the teachers will be with us, as well as Ms.Marcia and also some of the City Year Members. There will also be some new City Year Members and teachers. Mrs.Marcia said,”This is a really good opportunity for us to have access for new resources.”

“I am exited with our new home,to think that we could have access to the Lincoln pool makes me really excited,” says Ms.Marcia. Moving to this new location could give us exciting and awesome privileges.

The students and adults are excited and nervous at the same time because we got our permanent home, but we don't know how the high school students are going to react to middle school students in their home.

What is going to happen next year with this floor?”Kepner is still going to be 1st floor, Strive and Beacon are going to be here next year,”explained Ms.Marcia. 

We hope that it will be fun and we like it. We are going to get used to it once we are put together and not keep moving.We are a community we are COMPASS.