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Como Green Village press (2007 - present)
Topics:  MIMO neighborhood free store, solar thermal pilot project, HourCar, interns, Governor's Award for pollution prevention, Windsource, Green Village Day, clotheslines, community gardening, grow boxes, Hawkins Chemical spill

Topics:  house fire, household hazardous waste facility, unpaved roads, HourCar, MIMO neighborhood free store, city solar standards

Topics:  Green Village Day, art, Rayvic Station closes, Clockwork moves into Rayvic site, Crescent Moon opens, outdoor sofas, Governor's Award for pollution prevention, Grand Rounds Missing Link, MIMO neighborhood free store, eco-burner, relative homestead licensing, Sportsmans Pub renovation, PPL Bunge housing development, ping pong tournament, house fire, Joe Baker's, solar, grow boxes, ChinDian Cafe, Obento-ya, toxic soil at Como Community Student Co-op

Topics:  unpaved roads, Grand Rounds Missing Link, Mannings 75th anniversary, Tuttle School closed by school board, increased Windsource charges, new 15th Avenue pedestrian lighting, Germain Vigeant's death from Bunge fall, Marie Eller memorial, Mayor to visit Como

Topics:  Muddsuckers, Van Cleve Park memorial, General Mills' anniversary, Stinson Technology Campus

Topics:  organ-pipe sculpture, Les Bolstad obituary, Hawkins Chemical fire and chlorine spill, industrial area and pollution, loud parties/police and city leadership

Topics:  new construction in Southeast Minneapolis stopped

Topics:  former Alderman falls from Bunge elevator, Dale Stanchfield running for 2nd Ward Alderman, the Elwells & the milk business, struggle of the unemployed

Topics:  James T. Elwell ad with lots and houses for sale, Tuttle School Neighborhood club, Glen-Car Improvement association, Maria Sanford, plans for new East Side boulevard, Mae Snow, U trolley line route, Como-Harriet line, W. G. Calderwood, Van Cleve Park celebrations, Southeast YMCA, Citizens' Congress, Como Athletic Club, Como team added to the Minneapolis and Anoka Baseball League, coal smoke pollution, Calvin A. Tuttle

Local coverage of Como over the years

  • Southeast (mid-late 1970's)
  • Southeast Angle (1970's-2005)
    • a continuation of the Southeast newspaper
  • The Bridge (2005-2009)
    • a merger of the Southeast Angle and the Seward Profile

2009 Governor's Awards for Waste and Pollution Prevention