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A community in service of other communities

A story of Local Response by Jean-Baby from DRC Competence
  • Kinshasa 2002 UNICEF collaboration with a Congolese NGO - Fight against HIV.
  • Discussion of Self Assessment of Competences.
  • Two years afterwards, a group of young people remember that day and recognise that they can begin to do something within their community.
  • The journey from being a group of young unemployed to an active and professional group that brings together young men women of all backgrounds in all environments.
  • In 2005, communities become interested in this group, and with some funds they can set themselves up across the country and train new facilitators.
  • In 2007, the creation of the NGO DRC Competence.
  • Today, we are working on diverse themes.
  • We have 111 active members and we have trained 6,000 facilitators in the country.

When we understood that we could be useful to our community, we found that we could also help other communities.

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