Agenda - Day 3

         DRAFT AGENDA Subject to Change.  Check Back Often For Updates.

   Day 3 - January 25, 2013

        Opening Session:  Cypress /Magnolia Room
 9:00 AM
   9:05 AM
  Duane Armstrong, Chief, Applied Science & Technology Project Office
 9:05 AM
   11:05 AM
  Session I - DISASTERS II
        DISASTERS II - Moderator: Ted Mason
Meeting in Cypress /Magnolia Room

 9:05 AM    9:25 AM   Stephen Medeiros   "Establishing the Application of High Resolution Satellite Imagery to Improve Coastal and Estuarine Models"
 9:25 AM    9:45 AM   Dave Jones  "Establishing a Prototype Decision Support Tool Using NASA and other Data for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA)"
 9:45 AM    10:05 AM   Sonia Gallegos  "Oil Slick Detection Using NASA Active and Passive Sensors"
  10:05 AM     10:20 AM   BREAK
 10:20 AM    10:40 AM   Timothy Dixon  "Subsidence and Land Loss in Southern Louisiana"
 10:40 AM
   11:00 AM
  James Aanstoos  "Improved Levee Management via Remote Sensing"

 11:00 AM

   12:30 PM

 12:30 PM
   2:00 PM
  Breakout sessions - Transition to End-Users / Impact Assessment    Moderators: Nancy Searby, John Haynes and Duane Armstrong
Breakout Session Synopsis                                                                                                                                                                             Meeting in Cypress /Magnolia Room

 2:00 PM    2:20 PM
   Closing Remarks