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WONDER WOMAN (Film) (2017) (02 Jun 2017) Warner Brothers

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WONDER WOMAN (Film) (2017)
Date:  02 Jun 2017
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    WONDER WOMAN (Film) (2017) (02 Jun 2017)
    Warner Brothers


    Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins writing Wonder Woman 2 treatment right now

    posted Jun 20, 2017, 5:30 PM by Vu Nguyen


    This story first appeared in the June 20, 2017 issue of Variety.

    Jon Berg and Geoff Johns are riding high. The two men, whose job is to oversee the DC film universe for Warner Bros., are basking in the glow of the critical and commercial success of “Wonder Woman.” Berg is a veteran producer whose credits include “Elf” and “Out of Time,” while Johns is deeply enmeshed in DC lore, having written for the likes of “Green Lantern” and “Aquaman” in addition to guiding the company’s television efforts.


    Will Patty Jenkins be back to direct the sequel to “Wonder Woman”?
    Johns: Patty and I are writing the treatment right now. The goal is to make another great “Wonder Woman” film. I had a blast making it with Patty the first time. We’ve got a cool idea for the second one.

    Patty Jenkins AMA
    posted Jun 10, 2017, 8:55 PM by Vu Nguyen


    WONDER WOMAN (Film) (2017) (02 Jun 2017)
    Warner Brothers
    Let me first congratulate you on all your well-deserved success with Wonder Woman. When watching superhero films, I always hope to be left feeling inspired and full of courage. Wonder Woman is a film that definitely left me feeling inspired and full of courage. It is a much needed film in this era. I can't imagine anyone but you helming Wonder Woman 2.

    Aside from Richard Donner's Superman, what other films/Wonder Woman comics influenced the movie?

    • Casablanca
    • the original Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
    • the original Wonder Woman comic book
    • the Lynda Carter show
    • George Perez's comic strips of Wonder Woman